For 3 generations

Since 1882, it is always with great pleasure that we welcome travellers visiting Paris

1882 - 1945

The GRAND Hotel

Build more than a hundred years ago, the Grand Hotel de Turin was one of the most beautiful building in the neighbourhood. You could already access your room by lift. Every rooms were furnished with a fireplace and sold by pair (1 bed room + 1 reception room). The last 2 floors were dedicated to the staff.

1945 - 1970

Hotel - Restaurant

After World War II, the rooms were rent weekly during several months, even years. The toilets and showers stood on the landing while the hotel is extended with a restaurant and a bar.

The 70s-90s

The rise of Tourism

The restaurant is turned into a breakfast room and the 50 rooms are renovated with ensuite bathrooms. Travellers come from all over Europe by bus and stay a few days in our renovated and comfortable rooms. Little by little, tourists book their stay by themselves and from every country.

Since 2000

From 2 to 3 stars

With the internet boom, traditional travel agencies are replaced by online booking. Our first web site is created. The 3rd generation gets into the business and decides an upmarket move from 2 to 3 stars. Common areas are completely renovated, and more services are proposed: - High speed WiFi - Continental Breakfast Buffet - Discount Car Park - Air Conditioning is most rooms

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